Paprika Nudeln

Slice ten capsicum, three onions and three tomatoes into long thin strips. Skin and slice some large pieces of ginger. Make sure these are extra thin. Crush one clove of garlic and halve a handful of soft dates.

Sauté the onions and garlic with olive oil in a wok or large saucepan. Add the capsicum, tomato and ginger and then allow it to cook slowly with a lid covering the pan. Once the mountain of capsicum starts to reduce in volume, add the dates and plenty of salt and pepper.

When the capsicum is soft with a noodle-like texture the meal is done.

Moroccan Lamb Casserole

Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a large pan or pot then brown 1kg large chunks of lamb. Sauté 2 diced onions and 2 cloves crushed garlic with the lamb after the outsides are seared. Add a 400ml can of chopped tomatoes together with a heaped teaspoon each of paprica, turmeric and cumin, and level teaspoons of cinnamon and nutmeg. Grind liberal amounts of salt and pepper into the dish.

After the spices are well and truly mixed in, add coarsely chopped pieces of 2 capsicum and 1 large sweet potato together with a 400ml can of chickpeas and 1/2 cup dry red lentils. Throw in a cup of walnuts and plenty of orange zest.

Transfer the meal into a large casserole dish, squeeze in the juice from an orange and pour in a little water. Cook in an oven at 180C for an hour or so.

Isha and Kathryn’s Vege Burger

Make the five components of this recipe separately. You can overlap their preparation somewhat.

Combine all the components in a large mixing bowl with some more olive oil. Mix in some spices: one teaspoon each of paprika, cumin, ground corriander and thyme together with salt and pepper to taste.

Let the mixture stand for a while then roll into balls. Cook in a pan with olive oil. I’m often too impatient to make patties and prefer to just cook it as a ‘tasty mush’.

Sweet Turkish Lamb

Dice 2kg lamb into fist sized pieces. Heat 2tbsp olive oil in a large pan and sear the lamb. Once the lamb is browned, add 4 diced red onions, 1tbsp ground ginger, 2tbsp mixed spice, 2tsp salt, 2 tsp ground black pepper and a small pinch of saffron threads. Stir occasionally and cook until the onions begin to caramelise. Add 250g raisins, 1tbsp ground cinnamon and 2tbsp honey. After cooking a little longer transfer the meal to a casserole dish, add water to a depth of about 2cm and bake at 180C for about two hours.

Quinoa Salad

Thinly slice some spring onions, separating the lower onion-like pieces and the leafy ends. Heat olive oil in a pot before adding the bottom pieces of the spring onions. Rinse 1 cup quinoa then add it to the pot. Stir to prevent any of the quinoa burning. Season with some salt, pepper, marjoram and thyme. Add two cups of water.

While the water boils, dice and fry some bacon. As the bacon is frying add some currants to cook in the bacon fat.

Once the water has reduced and the quinoa is cooked, stir in diced capsicum, diced squash and the leafy parts of the shallots. Squirt the juice of a lemon into the pot. Finally mix in the bacon and currants and continue cooking until there is essentially no liquid left.

Beetroot Curry

Coarsely dice one onion, a medium sized chunk of ginger and two cloves of garlic. Heat some olive oil in a pot then sauté the onion, ginger and garlic. After the onions have browned, add generous pinches of garam masala, cumin, tumeric, mustard seeds, salt and pepper. Stir the spices through the onion and toast for a little bit. Add a can of baby beetroot, cut into halves, and a diced sweet potato. Pour in half a cup of coconut milk and some water. Allow to simmer until the potato is soft.

Serve with rice.

Camping Beans

Dice two onions and cook them with some olive oil. Sprinkle in some salt, pepper, basil and other dried herbs as your preference dictates. Pour in a can of diced tomatoes and allow the sauce to simmer a bit. Add two drained cans of mixed beans. Continue cooking until the mixture has reduced around the beans to create a thick sauce.

Red Lentil Curry

Cook 1 cup red lentils in a pot and leave to the side.

Heat olive oil in a large pan. Add two diced onions, crushed garlic, sliced ginger and sliced turmeric. Season with a blend of curry spices (hunt around markets to find good ones). Stir in the red lentils then pour in a tin of coconut milk. Add diced zucchini and diced squash. Allow the mixture to simmer slowly until it has reduced to a thick paste.

Coriander Stir Fry

Heat some coconut oil in a wok before adding two sliced red onions. If you wish, brown some thinly sliced beef or otherwise leave the meal vegan. Heavily season the sautéed onions with salt, pepper, (dried) corrainder and a little (dried) chilli. Add some thinly sliced zucchini, capsicum and snow peas and stir. As it’s cooking, squeeze some lemon juice over the stir fry. Once the vegetables have softened it’s ready to eat.

Vegetable Chilli

Heat a desert spoon of coconut oil in a wok then add a diced onion and drained kidney beans. Once the onions have browned, add paprika, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Dice your vegetables to the same size of the kidney beans. I use some combination of tomato, zucchini, capsicum, eggplant and mushrooms. Add them to the wok and stir.

Once the vegetables begin to brown, pour in some hot water and continue to cook until the water has reduced to a thick sauce.

Green Lentil Curry

Place 1 cup dry green lentils in a pot, rinse a few times and cover with water, allowing to soak. (It’s simple to do this in the morning or before going out for a run.) Drain the water again and fill the pot with new water to twice the height of the lentils. Boil for about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, boil the kettle.

Place a small pile of spinnach in a bowl and cover in the boiling water. Fresh or frozen spinach are both fine here.

As the lentils and spinach cook, finely dice two onions and three tomatoes.

Heat some olive oil in a frying pan or wok and brown the onions. Add the lentils, stirring well, then season with salt, pepper and a curry blend. Add the tomatoes and spinach then continue to stir until cooked.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Coarsely dice half a pumpkin and one large sweet potato. Saute one finely diced onion with some ginger and crushed garlic in olive oil using a large pot. Spice with salt, pepper, 1tsp cumin and 1/2 tsp nutmeg. Add the pumpkin and sweet potato and cover with 750ml vegetable stock. Bring the soup to the boil and allow to gently cook until the vegetables are soft. Mash the pumpkin and sweet potato and continue cooking until the mixture has reduced in volume to the desired thickness. Stir in one cup coconut milk.

Annie’s Chicken Marinade

Mix equal parts of olive oil, soy sauce and lemon juice in a bowl. Add some fresh grated ginger. Place the pieces of chicken in the marinade and allow to sit overnight, absorbing the flavour.

Fry the chicken

Annie’s Steak Marinade

Mix two tablespoons olive oil, one tablespoon soy sauce, one tablespoon vinegar and one desert spoon honey. Add one crushed clove garlic, diced ginger and two sliced shallots. After stirring the marinade well, mix the beef in the marinade and let it sit overnight.